Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent – December 4, 2016

Isaiah 11:1-10 * Psalm 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17 * Romans 15:4-9 * Matthew 3:1-12

As I began this reflection, I was anxious, uncertain how to begin. In a sense, I felt as if I were wandering in a desert. Then I recalled the passage from Isaiah 66:12 where the Lord says He will extend peace like a river, and I became less anxious. I believe that as I open myself and allow God’s peace to flow through me, God’s Word will flow through me as well. So, I continue, confident that God will provide, for I believe that God always provides.


The scriptures for today are chock full of images for me:

a shoot sprouting from a stump,

the hand of God giving wisdom, understanding, knowledge and fear of the Lord. I love to think of “the fear of the Lord” as “awe”, an overwhelming sense of the goodness, the mercy of God, more awesome and wonderful than I can begin to imagine.


Then there’s the wolf and the lamb,


the leopard and the kid,

leopard  goat

the calf and the young lion,

the child and the adder.


JUSTICE  will flower, will blossom and burst forth.

There are so many images of peace and serenity.

These images are the ideal, the promise of what is to be.

But life is a journey and sometimes my journey takes me through a desert.


Sometimes I need to be still and become aware of the peace that is flowing like a river.

Always, I need to heed John’s directive to prepare the way, to make straight the path.

Always, I need to accept the difficulties and the good things that come my way.

Always, I need to do my part to bring peace and tranquility into my little corner of the world.

Always, I need to remember and give thanks that God always provides, sometimes locusts and wild honey.

grass-hoppergrass-hopper bee-wax

Eleanor Murray, OSB

St. Gertrude Monastery

Ridgely, Maryland




Graphics information

Desert: found on Wikimedia Commons – free use – author: Tim and Annette

The wolf and the lamb:

Kid:  145286341

Leopard: found on Wikimedi Commons – free use –  author: Patrick Giraud Namibia Etosha Leopard 01 edit.jpg

Desert: found on Wikimedia Commons – free use – author: Tim and Annette

Locusts  found on clipartpanda

Honey:  found on clipartpanda

Author: 3osb

We are Sisters and Oblates of three Benedictine Monasteries who work together on communicating the Benedictine charism: Emmanuel Monastery, Lutherville, MD St. Gertrude Monastery, Ridgely, MD St. Benedict Monastery, Bristow, VA

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